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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dress codes: Good or Bad Idea?

Now I am sure someone is saying, you homeschool, why write about a dress code. While that is true, I do have friends with children in public school. One of my friends, who has 5 children, all in public school, states every year she votes yes to having uniforms at her school. Why, you ask? She thinks, as do many others, that if they all wore the same outfits, there wouldnt be such peer pressure to have certain shoes, and articles of clothing. There would be no reference to sex, drugs, smoking, racism or any other controvertial topics. When I went to school, many years ago, while there was no formal dress code, we were expected to dress a certain way. If you did not, your parents were called and you were sent home. Of course we werent allowed to wear pants, back then either. I wore dresses or skirts, right up to fifth grade. So for me, that would be a definate negative. If they made the uniforms, uncomfortable, or unreasonable. That would be a no vote for me. For my kids, when it is school time, they are expected to be clothed properly, and clean for the duration of school. To me that teaches, responsibility, manners, and hygiene. If my kids were still in public school, I would vote yes to school uniforms. What about you. Please I would love to hear from homeschoolers, and public school parents.


Angela said...

I would probably vote no...I homeschool but tend to go against these things in favor of letting them have their own style. For example, my son kept--clean and neat--shoulder-length hair for several years. This would have not been allowed under many dress codes. I guess I just feel like some things are better left alone. I do think that modesty should be taken into consideration however.

Melissa said...

I will agree, with letting them have their own style. There are so many issues to consider when making the decision. It is a tough one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

TMinut said...

School isn't about individuality though. They are all to think the same things, learn the same things, behave the same way. If we expect all that, why should their clothes vary? Enough time for that on their free time, especially since children don't seem to handle that particular freedom well - theft, bullying, and insults over clothes. That's not fair when they don't have a choice to be there or not.

Melissa said...

Another very good point, thank you for commenting.

WAHM Tara said...

You know I would vote yes! Simply becuase no matter where you live there are less fortunate children. If everyone was in the same uniform, it would alleviate some of the torture those kids go through becuase they can not have the $100 pair of sneakers or the trendy clothing. Kids can be very mean and I think uniforms are a great idea.

Melissa said...

Thank you, and I agree.

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