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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The first 30 days of Summer Vacation

It is hard to believe, that 30 days of summer vacation, has already passed. The first 30 days have been good, somewhat quiet. My son DJ, who will be starting 3rd grade in Sept, has read 3 Magic Tree House Books, and is working on his drawing skills. I have to say he is pretty good. He borrows books, on Dinosaurs, Fish, and Birds from the local Library then he draws them. He still plays on his favorite sites on the computer Funschool, and Funbrain. He also used the Leapster L-max for math and word learning games. My little one, who just turned 4, conitnues to mostly learn through play. She did just learn to write her name however, and she was so proud. She has a Barbie computer for learning activities, and also uses the Leapster L-max, she is learning to draw as well. Yesterday we made tissue paper flags, you can find the instructions in my archives. They were a little time consuming, but came out nice. We swim everyday, or almost every day, library every two weeks, and making plans for some of DJ's baseball friends to come visit. I dont force my kids to continue school work over summer vacation, however I am glad they like it enough to do it on their own. As for me, I am tweeking my 3rd grade curriculum, for DJ, and starting Caitlins preschool curriculum. I work every weeekend, on the night shift, working on my blogs, and learning to make extra cash online, and of course my jewelry making. We also have cleaned out closets, and donated a bunch of stuff to Another Way. A non profit group that helps battered women and children start a new life. So how has your summer vacation been so far?

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