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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Try Charter for 14.99/mo, and get a free 25 dollar gas card free

Charter internet

Do you have dial up? High speed, with really high prices, that seem to continue to go up? Then you need to check out Charter.

Charter, is offering high speed internet service, for only $14.99/mo. Plus you get a free $25 Shell gas card, for free, just for tryint the service. You have 30 days to cancel, so the offer is completely risk free. But you have to hurry, to take advantage of this offer, it ends July 31st 2008.

These are the benefits you will receive, with Charter:

1- Get the fastest, and most reliable internet speeds, up to 5Mbps,
2- Automatic protection from viruses, hackers, and spam,
3- 10 Email accounts, plus 20MB of web space,
4- Download in seconds, not minutes, fast, reliable, always online service,
5- Get your news, weather, local movie listings, plus much more right on

Don't forget, this offer expires July 31st, 2008.

To visit Charter's website, and get more information, about this great offer, click the link below.

Sponsored by Charter

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