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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Local Library: 3 Rivers Florida Library

We use our local library, often for lots of different things. My daughter, hopefully, will be attending their free preschool class once a week starting in the fall. They have a nice variety of books, friendly service, and if they dont have what you want they will get it for you from one of their other network libraries. It is a small library, but they do offer a quiet place to study, do research on one of the computers, or just read and browse their selection of books. My kids love going to the library, every other week, and choosing all new books to read and learn. DJ, will always pick me a book, and I am always curious as to what he gets. He usually picks me a cooking book, gardening book, or a gemstone book. Sweet Huh. Your local library, can be your best friend. I cant stress how important they are, in our community.

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