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Friday, July 25, 2008

My Friday, So How Was Yours?

We had such a goodtime today at Chuck E Cheese. I had never been before, so I was not sure what to expect. It was not nearly as expensive, as I expected. 48 dollars got us pizza, 4 drinks, and 140 tokens, which was way more than we ever needed. It was a little too noisy for me when we first got there. I adjusted quicky, though. My little one is sensitive to noise but it didnt take her long to be on the move. The slide, jungle gym thingy was free, and they would have just stayed in that all day, if they could. They had all kinds of cool simulators, for cars, and rollercoasters, and even little kiddie games for the younger kids. Of course dont forget about Chuck himself. When he came out, all the kids went wild, chasing him and grabbing at him. Definately not a job I would want. They got to play, and socialize with a ton of different kids, from all walks of life. Of course, there were prizes and balloons to be won. A Chuck E Cheese lollipop, some dinosaurs, and some kind of weird candy, was the only way out the door. The trip home was brutal. No air in the car, and at least 95 degrees of heat and humidity, for an hour drive. Yucko, is all I can say. We arrived home to a nice cooling thunderstorm, and a freaked out dog. A call from my husbands job, got me out of the 11-7 shift tonight. So Ha, I got to do my drops, add some posts, and even some comments. So how was your Friday? And oh yes, how could I forget. I have been putting off buying a new computer monitor, because I didnt want to spend the money we have been saving. But it decided to die today, so I got a nice new shiny flat screen monitor to boot. Not a bad day all in all.


Irish Mom said...

OHHHHH, a new monitor, how nice!!

We went to Chucks a few years ago and it was fine until a mom came with like 20 8-10 year olds. She sat down in a corner and let them run around like crazy, even in the toddler play are. We ended up leaving. We'll have to try again!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Melissa said...

Yeah there were some parents that just let their kids run crazy. But I guess since it is a safe environment they think it is ok. I dont mind so much, as long as they arent naughty and abusing other kids.

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