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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Revised 3rd Grade Reading List, Magic Tree House Books

In my archives is a suggested reading list for 3rd grade. That list will now become, our default list, should he complete this new reading list. He has been wanting to get Magic Tree House Books. I finally won a lot of them on ebay, and have put them in the order that DJ will be reading them, for 3rd grade. He will read at least one chapter a day, with a book report following all chapters being read. I list them here on my blog, for record keeping, and then when my evaluation is due next year, I can refer the evaluator to this blog, and so family can keep track of the things we are learning.

1- Dinosaurs Before Dark
2- Knight at Dawn
3- Mummies in the Morning
4- Pirates Past Noon
6- Afternoon on the Amazon
7- Sunset of the Sabretooth
9- Dolphins at Daybreak
10- Ghost Town at Sundown
11- Lions at Lunchtime
13- Vacation Under the Volcanoe
19- Tigers at Twilight
20- Dingos at Dinnertime
21- Civil War on Sunday
23- Twister on Tuesday
24- Earthquake in the Early Morning
25- Stage Fright on a Summer Night
26- Good Morning Gorillas
30- Haunted Castle on Halloween Eve
33- Carnival at Candle Light
37- Dragon of the Red Dawn
Season of the Sandstorms
Rotten School, Battle of the Dum Diddys by RL Stine

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