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Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Of The Critters You Can Find In Our Yard

Anyone, who has ever lived in Florida, or any tropical climate, knows the critters can be large and many. These are just some of the criiters we have photographed living in our yard. There is the really large frog, that was sitting right on my front door. Then the lizard, that is at least 4 inches long, which yes to me is large. He must be the big daddy, because I have not seen any larger than him. We have lots of these little lizards running around our yard. Did you see that huge grasshopper. That thing is at least 6-7 inches long, and was just hanging out on the back porch screen, like he owned the place. We have a pair of these, a male and female, and they have the prettiest pink wings. Then there is my crazy dog, Krypto, who thinks the yard is his domain, Ha I think all these critters would beg to differ. He barks and chases them, but they return. The last picture is of my front yard, after a heavy afternoon thunderstorm. It was taken from my front porch, and we are quite a ways back from the road. Welcome to summertime in Florida. I tried to get a picture of the snake, but he hasnt returned thank goodness, and the very large spiders that I scare away as much as possible. I honestly cant believe, how big the spiders are here. Where do you live? What kind of critters can you find in your yard?


Sassy Mama Bear said...

We live in WI, and in the city so our critters tend to be birds, insects, squirrels, and an occassional deer.
There are the little mice that have invaded our garage too.
We like to go over to the park and see what wildlife comes to the creek there.
Wanted to say great video on top, really catches the attention.
Geography will be one of our big topics this year.

melissa said...

There are 4 parts to that video, and I add new ones every sunday. So be sure to check back to see the other parts. I was in Wisconsin once, trying to get Packers tickets, huh fat chance at that, but what a beautiful state. I might actually live there if it wasnt for all that pesky snow. Thanks for dropping by.

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