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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whew I Finished My First Homeschool Porfolio, What A Task

It took me almost all day yesterday, but DJ's second grade portfolio is done. This is my very first one, so I wasnt exactly sure, what I needed to include. I had to go over every piece of paper, and project we did, and there was a lot. What I ended up doing, was keeping all his book reports, all art projects, handwriting sheets, and then all weeekly tests. I didnt add all the craft projects, because they take up too much room. I added most of the science and social studies work, because those were only done once or twice a week. Our focus this year, was reading and math. I also added my curriculum, reading list, youth baseball records, library visits, and any other social activities. Our evaluation, is not due until September, but I wanted to get this task done especially since I had no idea how long it would take. It is a huge load off my chest. For third grade, I will be sure to just separate the tests, and projects I want to showcase, for next years portfolio, and save myself some time. In Florida, we have to keep every piece of school work done, for two years, but you only need a sampling for your portfolio. Now DJ just has to decorate it, to his liking, and we will be all set for our evaluation. To all my dedicated readers, tomorrow we are going to Chuck E Cheese, so I will not be able to drop cards, leave comments, or add new content. If I get a chance in the evening, maybe, but I do have to work 11-7 tomorrow night, as well, so I probably wont be adding any updates until Sunday.

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