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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Have Found The Perfect Gift For All My Coworkers!


I work, the 11-7 shift, two nights a week. It is a very old building, with a heating and cooling system, that does not work effectively. In the winter, you roast to death, and in the summer you freeze to death. Because it is nighttime, and there is less activity going on, your tired, and add the ineffective cooling and system, and tada you are very cold. I am from the north, so this does not bother me, as much as my coworkers.

Cabin Cuddler
Introducing, the Cabin Cuddler. I think this would be a great gift for anyone, who is very often cold. My mother, for example, suffers from Fibromyalgia, and any hint of cold air, makes her muscles hurt that much more. Even in the summer, when it is steaming hot, here in Florida, air conditioning can just cripple her muscles. She works in an office, where they like to set the air conditioner to 69, and she just freezes to death. Back in NY where, it will once again, be wintertime soon, this would be great to snuggle up and watch your favorite movie, read a book, or just sit by the fire. Of course if you are someone who travels alot, this compact, portable Cabin Cuddler, could be very beneficial for layovers, cold planes, trains, or even buses where blankets are not offered, or charged a fee for.

travel blanket
The Cabin Cuddler is basically a tote bag that turns into the following:

1- The bag itself can double as a clean hygienic pillow,
2- Once unfolded, it has its own blow up pillow,
3- It has a special, patented pocket, that you can put your feet in, to make sure your feet are never cold,
4- The blanket itself, has special contouring, so that every inch of your body is covered
5- Most importantly, it is compact, and portable. It folds up to a nice neet tote bag, and can be transported easily with you anywhere.

So in conclusion, you can see why the Cabin Cuddler, would be a great gift idea, for anyone on your list this year. This 6 in 1, blanket and pillow, comes in two colors, black and red, and can be purchased for the great price of 29.95. Get your Cabin Cuddler today, and scratch some people off your Christmas list.
Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

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