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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homeschooling Record Keeping Does Your State Have Requirements?

I am curious about homeschoolers in other states, and record keeping. Does your state have strict laws, about record keeping, or just relaxed on the issue? Here in Florida, you have to keep all school work, per homeschooled child, for 2 years. The school district can request, to come in and inspect, but they have to give at least 2 weeks written notice. At the end of each school year, a certified teacher must do an evaluation, of your portfolio and submit it to the school. You can also take the standardized test, or have your child evaluated by a psychologist. Because there are no laws, stating what a homeschooled child has to learn, only that they are showing progress in their learning activities, the portfolio can contain whatever you choose to put in it. I am getting ready to do my first evaluation, in September. I have just started putting the portfolio together. So how about in your state? Do you have to keep specific records, for the state?


TMinut said...

That's sounds a bit intrusive to me! I'm in Utah; all we do is inform the school district that we will be homeschooling. So far there's nothing else. I shouldn't say "so far", perhaps, but I can pray it stays this way as long as possible!

Melissa said...

Wow and I thought Florida was pretty laid back. See why I want to learn about other states. Thank you for dropping by, and commenting.

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