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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Keeping an Intex Easy Set Pool Clean

I am sure, there are many of you, that have an easy set pool. They are very popular, for their affordability and durability. This is the 3rd year, with ours, and we love it. However, they are somewhat of a pain to keep clean. This is the first year, that we have been able to keep a handle on it, mostly because we moved it to where it was not under a tree. Of course that leads to the water becoming too hot, but at least it is clean. Here are some other tips:

1- Buy the 6 in 1 shock. It is a little pricier, but it is worth it. You wont have to by all the extra other stuff.

2- Shock your pool once a week.

3- Change your filters twice a week. It says once a week, but by then they are not working effectively. Twice a week is much better. You dont have to buy new filters all the time either, we rinse them off with the hose and let them dry in the sun. If they are real dirty, we soak them in bleach water.

4- Do buy the clarifier liquid. If your pool gets cloudy, in between shocking, put that in and your pool will be beautiful the next day.

5- Let your pump run at least 8 hrs per day.

6- Dont pour all those other chemicals in your pool, it just screws up the balance.

7- Last but not least, once a week wipe down the inside walls with a old towel. It will keep algae from forming, and the filter will suck it out.

Enjoy your swimming pool. It is a great investment, and if there is ever a long power outage you can use the water to flush your toilet, or wash clothes.

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