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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Make Bookends With Your Childs Artwork Great Homeschool Craft

I found this in a magazine, I had kept for some reason. Well this craft, is why I kept it. I keep magazines I read, and then go back through them to see what I wanted. Usually it is a recipe, or craft idea. I really should start just ripping out, and keeping the one page in the magazine I wanted lol. Anyway these would make great gifts for Grandparents, your kids friends, or even just to keep for yourself. They are simple and affordable.

1- Have your child draw or paint pictures to fit in two 5 inch by 7 inch clear plastic box frames. I know Walmart sells these, so I am sure they are available at any craft store. Then have them decorate coordinating strips to fit along the side and top edges of the frame.

2- Pull up the easel, on the back of the frame. Insert small rocks into the back of the frame, about halfway full will do fine. Fill the remainder with crumpled tissue paper, then press the easel back into place.

3- Use non toxic glue or adhesive, to fasten light cardboard across the entire back, then you can cover the cardboard with felt to help it look nicer.

4- Use a glue stick to fasten the artwork to the boxes, and inserts them into the frames. Then you have made bookends.

This will definately be one of our art projects, this school year. Enjoy

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