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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008/2009 Homeschool Calendar, Fay, and Gustav

Ok I am ready for Hurricane season to be over already. Fay, which is still a tropical low, has now moved back to the east, and the severe weather is once again heading our way, ugh. Gustav, a newly formed Hurricane, is sitting just outside the Dominican Republic, and Haiti, and is set to make a beeline for Florida. So get your storm goggles back on and get ready.

Here is my 2008/2009 Homeschool Calendar. Our first day of school is Sept 2nd. I post this for several reasons. 1- if anyone else wants a free calendar, they can print it and use it. 2- To keep family, and friends that visit my blog, updated on what we are doing, and when we are in and out of school. 3- I actually use my blog as part of my evaluation. I just give my evaluator the address, and she can come see all the things I have posted. It is a great way to keep records, without having tons of paper lying around.

Sept 2nd- 1st day of school.
Sept 24th Early release day
Oct 13th No school Columbus Day observance
Oct 17th End of 1st grading period
Oct 20th No school
Oct 21st Early Release Day
Nov 4th No school
Nov 3rd-7thFire Drill Week, and Hurricane preparadness
Nov 10th Early Release Day
Nov 11th No school Veterans Day observance
Nov 26th-28th No school Thanksgiving Holiday
Dec 19th End of 2nd grading period
Dec 24th-Jan 8th No school, winter break
Jan 9th Return from winter break
Jan 12th-16th Fire Drill Week
Jan 20th No school MLK jr day observance
Jan 23rd Early release day
Feb 16th No school Presidents Day observance
Feb 23rd-27th Fire drill week
March 6th End of 3rd grading period
March 9th No school
March 12th Standardized testing, we will be doing this for the 3rd grade
March 20th No school Good Friday
March 30th No school
April 1st and 2nd Early Release days
April 6th-10th No school Sprink Break observance
May 13th Early release Day
May 25th No school Memorial Day observance
June 7,8and 9 Early release Days
June 1oth Last day of school


Kalilea said...

Using a blog as a way of supplemental record-keeping is such a great idea. I'm not so great at keeping track of all the things I should, but with a journal that all the world can see, maybe I would get a little better.

melissa said...

It is easier and more organized. I dont put everything on here, that would be boring for readers. But I do keep track of websites we visit, educational games, virtual field trips. Things you cant really show on paper. We have tons of family, that dont live here in Florida, so it is great for them to see what we are doing too.

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