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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are You Voting For Barack Obama?

Are you voting for Barack Obama? Would you like the coolest bumper sticker, on the planet, for your car? Have you seen the fancy advertisements, that are on the side of buses? Well these bumper stickers, that support Barack Obama, are similar to that. They have a special one way vision material, that anyone can see. Click this link to visit the website, to see these very cool stickers Giant Obama Bumper Stickers


Now is our time

These ultra cool bumper stickers are only available at Giant Obama Bumper Stickers Show your support, for Barack Obama. Show your pride, optimism, and support, of this history making Presidential campaign, with a huge Obama ultra cool window graphic. Be the cooolest, political mom, in town, and show your support. Put one of these window graphics, on your car, and at the same time, teach your children about voting, pride, responsibility, support and love for your country.
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Bella said...

Nice site!!! com

melissa said...

Thanks bella, come back anytime.

betchai said...

i will just be applying for my citizenship this year melissa, but if ever i can vote, i will vote for obama. i like his principles and the way he essays his personality, i believe he has a kind heart and principled enough to lead the nation. also, it is about time for change. my hubby on the other hand will vote for Obama.

melissa said...

betchai voting is one of the greatest responsibilities, we have as citizens. I hope you get to experience it soon, as an American.

betchai said...

true, melissa. hopefully, soon.

i do participate in a way, sometimes my hubby would ask me to read and research about them, and make a stand :), then, we discuss about it. i like the different experience, since in the philippines, we only vote for officials, not on proposition.

Melissa said...

That is definately a good way to learn how the whole process works. I wish you the best, in your quest to citizenship.

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