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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Labor Day Printables, Watching The Tropics

Here is a web page with tons of Labor Day free printables. I will be choosing 3 of these to add to my Tuesday Sept 2nd lesson plan. Feel free to visit the site, and print any you may like

Once again I have my eyes glued on the Tropics. Gustav is strengthening, and making a beeline for the Gulf of Mexico. While we are not in the cone of danger, you never can be certain with the track of the storms. It can turn at anytime and head in a different direction. Plus there is always the threat of tornadoes, that spin off the storm. So tomorrow, once again, I will be in Hurricane preparedness mode. There is also TS Hanna, that looks like it is going to go through the Florida straits and emerge in the Gulf of Mexico, where it too can gain strength. So my focus is definately on the weather.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day. If you are in the cone of Gustav, you may be evacuating or hunkering down. Please stay safe, and keep your eyes to the skys.


betchai said...

Am glad no storm is in your path right now Melissa, let us just hope the storms won't hit that very badly when they reach the land. And hopefully, everybody will be safe and away from its path.

melissa said...

The storm has actually weakened quite a bit, from when it hit Cuba. It is still supposed to be a cat 4, and it is heading straight for Louisiana. We should start feeling the bands later. Thank you for your kind thoughts, have a blessed day.

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