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Thursday, August 7, 2008

YOU Homeschool, Why?

You wouldnt believe how many people ask me that question. Some in a rude manner, it is like homeschooling is dirty, or in some way secretive. I did not choose to homeschool, to isolate my children, and make them into some kind of weirdos, a general misconception, I am finding. I chose to homeschool for several reasons. When I became a mother, at the ripe old age of 31, I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom. The first 3 yrs of my sons life, that was not possible. Day care was an awful experience, in my opinion. Then when I became pregnant, with my second child, I told my husband, I want to work nights, and only 2 nights a week. We have been doing that ever since. While I am tired, and just a little grumpy the nights I have to work, it is wonderful to be able to stay home with my children. Then my son had to start kindergarten. We were in Florida then, and I was not very fond of the school system. Another misconception, is that people think we are snobs, and just think our kids are better than others, again not true. My problems with the school system, have more to do with me, than the actual system itself, though I dont think anyone who lives in Florida can deny that the school system is really not that good. We did the public school thing, right until the start of second grade. My son excelled, and there was no learning issues. However, when we bought the new home, and moved to another school district, a much better school I might add, we found out that there were only 3 bus stops in the whole town. That meant my son would get on the bus at 7 am, and not get home until 3:45 pm, then with the walk home, in thunder lightning, pouring rain etc, it would be 4 pm. I found this to be very unacceptable, and was quite frankly appalled. The school said, well you can always bring him and pick him up. Yes true, but with only one car, and my husband works 5 days a week, not a real good option either. I had always wanted to homeschool anyway. I have never been a fan of the public school system, not even when I was in it. So we took the plunge, and we are happy we did. There is always the issue of socialization, as I stated at the beginning, they will become isolated nerds or something. I personally do not believe peer relationships are nearly as important, as family is. My son keeps in touch, with two of his good friends from his old school. He made several new friends playing youth baseball, and interacts well with all children on any public outings we do. My 4 yr old, is the one I need to be more aggressive with. She really doesnt have any children her age to play with. There are no small children that live near us, but I did just find a local homeschool group, so I hope that will be beneficial. I can always send both of them, to a local daycare, three days a week for an hr or so, for socialization. I may choose that option, should the homeschool group not be feasible. So when people ask me YOU homeschool, why this long winded answer is what they get. If they are still listening when I am done, they will see that I love being with my children, teaching them, learning from them, and that it was the best choice for us.


Angela said...

It amazes me how much tact people lose when the topic comes up. I hate the 'I couldn't be with my kids all day'. I typically smile and say 'well, some people shouldn't'.

Kgraham said...

There will be days when you ask yourself that same question, but more days when you are so glad you are!! You are building so many memories with your kiddos that you wouldn't have a chance to otherwise. Cherish that as your "secret" when others give you a hard time...

melissa said...

Yes, I have heard people say they couldnt be with their children all day. While I try not to judge them, that isnt my place, I do often wonder why they had them then. Not everyone can homeschool, I would never expect that. But it is kind of rude when they demand to know what is wrong with you or your child, that you need to keep them home. Yes we are making wonderful memories, and enjoying it all. Thanks to both of you, for your kind words, and comments.

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