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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Would Be The Worst Thing You Could Find On Your Porch?

Being that we live in a tropical environment, I would say a gator. But since gators are not abundant where we are, snakes would be it. So what do you think was on my front porch last night, around 9 pm? A big snake, and I mean big. The dog was in the window, barking, but it was a different kind of bark. I thought the neighbors cat was up there again. When I looked I saw this large long black thing. At first it looked just like the dogs leash, and I thought what on earth is that doing there. Then I realized it was a snake, and it wasnt moving very fast. Now this really creeped me out, because our porch has a roof, so it climbed the stairs? Uh no way. So I yelled to my husband to please come get this thing off my porch before I have a stroke. The dog was going crazy. Now for the record, yes I am petrified of snakes, especially big ones. I dont have any idea why it would climb my porch, nor do I know why it would even be in my yard. We live in town, though it is rural, but still in town. About a month ago, I had seen one in the back yard, by the pool, but it was small. So it either grew, or I got more than one, ugh. So my husband chased it away, but I was not comforted.

So how do I get a snake to leave my yard? I have no idea. I searched the net last night and it appears to be a Eastern Indigo Snake. I wish I had snapped a picture of it. They are harmless, and they say helpful. They can get very large, and yes they do climb, and very often live in the trees, I told my husband I didnt like that tree. They are actually endangered, and on the protected list in Florida. Glad I didnt kill it, though if it fell on me I couldnt make any promises. I hope it doesnt live in my yard, and was just passing through. We have all kinds of critters, that it could make a meal of, so I dont think that is going to happen anytime soon.

So what would be the worst thing you could find on your front porch?


Patricia Rockwell said...

A snake is pretty bad! I guess an unwanted human would be bad too--like a robber.

melissa said...

That might be synonomous with a snake lol. Everytime I go out now, I look for the snake.

Kalilea said...

Ugh! I'm petrified of snakes, too - even the so-called harmless ones. I'm not really sure why, but I always have been. I definitely wouldn't want one on the porch.

melissa said...

I really dont know why he would come up there in the first place. We have a dog, and they are supposed to be afraid of dogs. I hope he just got scared and went away.

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