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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hurricane Preparedness: A Lesson We Always Have To Know

Here in Florida, we are watching Tropical Storm Fay. Why it is still unorganized, it has not weakened, and has its eyes set on Florida. This is a good time to get out Hurricane ready kit, up to snuff and ready to go, should we need it. Public School does Fire Safety, we do that too, but we also do Hurrican readiness. Usually the first few weeks of school, we concentrate on what we would do in a hurricane. This year it is early, because we are on the watch. I make sure we have an emergency bag packed, should we have to evacuate. It would include, but not limited to,first aide kit, bottled water, non parishable food, at least one set of dry clothes for each person, extra cash, credit cards though they may not work if power goes out cash is better, any medication you or your family may need, charged cell phone, we also have walkie talkies that we keep charged, battery operated weather radio ours is also wind up should the batteries die, flashlights with fresh batteries, any important documents in a sealed bag to prevent from getting wet. A portable DVD player, with charger, and some videos, favorite toys. Toys are not a priority, but if you already have them packed, then at least the kids will be occupied should they have to evacuate to another area. A full tank of gas, should you have to go inland. If you have a generator, make sure it is in good working order, if you dont consider getting one. Outside be sure to tie down anything that can blow around, and cause damage. Bring in lawn furniture, and kids toys. Know which way you will go, should you have to leave. We are about an hour, from the coastline, so the biggest threat to us, in a hurricane, is gusty winds, very heavy rain, and the tornadoes that spin off the hurricane. Have a safe place in your home, should a tornadoe strike. An interior hallway, that has no outside walls, or closet, that is not on an outside wall. Make sure everyone knows where they are to go, and to get there when they are told to, without asking questions. Dont forget about your pets. Be sure to take food, and whatever else they may need. Shelters will not let you bring pets, so plan ahead what you will do. This will be our task, the next 24-48 hrs, watching and preparing for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay. This is never a fun task, and can be very scary, but being prepared takes off some of the stress.


Julie @ Homeschool Hammock said...

I'll be thinking of you the next few days as the hurricane nears Florida.

melissa said...

Thanks Julie, it has changed its course again, just slightly. It is like you never know what to expect. Have a great week.

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