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Friday, August 29, 2008

How Much Time Do You Spend Homeschooling?

Dont forget to take my poll, on the side bar. Just a quick contest update for my other blog. If you havent read the contest, you could win a ss blue topaz ring. Just give me a good dog cake recipe. Go to for all the details. I have 4 entries so far.

How long is your homeschooling day? What time do you start? What time do you end? For us we start at 8:30 AM, and stop at 2:00 PM. The one thing I like about homeschooling, is that can be flexible. If you work during the day, you can homeschool in the evening. You can even homeschool, just on weekends, as long as you cover your material. We do PE twice a week, for 30 min each, and of course recess every day for 30 min. Dont forget lunch, that is 30 min. These are things that can take away from book time, but are necessary for your children.

Of course that does not end a homeschooling moms schedule. For me I grade the work, make the log, make the curriculum, and do all the research. So I spend a great deal of time working on homeschooling. I do most of it over the summer, so that by the start of school, I just have to do lesson planning each week.

So how about you, and your homeschool day?


rkdsign88 said...

Again wow, I'm amaze with people who do home schooling, great work Melissa, keep it up, and thank you so much for your lovely visit :)

autismfamily said...

We are entering our second year with California Virtual Academy. This is with k12 curriculum. We are doing this for the middle school years. Now in 7th grade, last year worked from about 8 am - 1PM.

diane said...

I'm just getting ready to embark on my "too many to count" years of teaching and first year as kindergarten mom. Locking in the rigid schedule and feeling jealous of the opportunities homeschoolers have to adapt schedules and capture teachable moments.

Have a great year :-)

betchai said...

your homeschooling work sounds exciting to me, it's like i can sense simple joy in your homeschooling work. and lesson planning, curriculum making, you sould more of a teacher, but actually, you really are, a great teacher to your kid. maybe lesson planning sounds exciting to me because I am a teacher? :)i always get happy to see my students progress, but i am sure you have greater joy since you are teaching your own child.

melissa said...

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi, and leave comments. I dont think I could ever put in words,the joy I get from homeschooling, my children.

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