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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are You The Ultimate Flirt?

Ok I do reviews, and posts, to make a little extra cash off my blog. My paid posts are always clearly marked. When I first saw this one I thought how silly. Then as I read more of it, it actually sounded kind of fun. The object is to be The Ultimate Flirting Champion. Yes this is an actual game. All you have to do to play the game is click on the widget provided in this post. You can put the widget, on your own web or blog, to have your members play the game.

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We have all flirted, before, at some point in time in our lives. Some people are better at it than others. We have all heard them terrible one liners, meant to impress you, and make you want to go ooh I want to date you, right? So what is the very worst pick up line you have ever heard? Mine is actually funny, and I even almost fell for it. Was your dad a terrorist? I say no I dont think so. He says well your da bomb. Ha Ha that was a pretty good one.

Extreme Style by VO5

So click on the widget, and try your skills at flirting. See if you can be VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship. The ultimate goal to win, is to get Victory Hair. What is Victory Hair? Well that I cant tell you. Play the game to see, and see if you get victory hair.

Victory Hair

Ultimate Flirting Championship

Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

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Kristie said...


I'll need your email address to put n the referral for the Leapfrog Ad widget. Once I send in all of my referrals, they will send you an email with instructions and registration.


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