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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do You Have A Blog, Store, Or Other Business?

Special Sale

Vista Print is having a huge promotion. You get 25 business cards for free. That is not the only thing, you can get for free. They have magnetic business cards, pens, free websites yep free websites, free sticky posts, free logo design, free car magnets that one is cool, free checks, and even free rubber stamps. There are tons of other free items, for you to choose from. I visited their site recently, as I am a customer, and have actually purchased from them before. I noticed, they had added a ton of new things, since the last time I visited. Their designs are awesome, their prices are even better, and their customer service is outstanding. Anyway, while I was there, I noticed they now offer website design. As someone who makes and sells, my own jewelry, I checked them out. They are very nice, and you get 30 days for free. There are alot of designs to choose from.

Dont like business cards, stationary, or other paper type products, then put your business on a t-shirt, or hat, pen, window decal, etc. All these are great, affordable ways to advertise your business. I took advantage, of their great business card magnets. I made lovely magnets, using their simple design tools, and then whenever I sold a product each buyer got a free magnet. This is an obviously great way, to get your business seen, because anyone that enters their home can see the magnet, and say Oh I want to go to that website. You could give them to friends and family, for more great advertising oppurtunities.

Are you getting married, having a birthday, or another special event coming up soon? Vista Print offers a great variety of specialty cards, for all your announcements, and special invitations. Starting at only 5.99 for 10 cards, you can see how this would be a great deal, for that special event.

So if you have not yet tried Vista Print, you are doing your blog, website, or other business a grave misjustice. You get your first set of samples for free, so there is nothing to lose. They do not hound you with phone calls, or annoying emails. They will send you specials, and announcements via email, if you request it. So go to Vista Print and check out all their great items, and get your business moving and grooving.

Sponsored by VistaPrint

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