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Friday, August 15, 2008

Would You Ever Moon Someone?

I just had to make a post about this. I would assume, a Professor at a College, would be mature, well rounded, and able to communicate in an effective manner, especially since he was the Leader of the debate team. So what would his purpose be to moon a full room of people out of anger, during a meeting? Not only do I find this to be absolutely hysterical, but completely ludicrous. The better part of the story, is that he has not yet been punished by the college. Is this man, who obviously has problems with anger management, someone you would want teaching your child? I dont understand, what is the point of mooning someone. What does that even mean? Would you be offended by this, or would you just laugh, and tell this man how absolutely stupid and childish he is. The absurdity of the week, is the College Professor that mooned a room full of people, during an angry debate.


Kalilea said...

For one thing, I've never understood how mooning someone is supposed to insult that person. I think if my naked bottom was visible to a bunch of people that I would be the one who was embarrassed!

melissa said...

LOl I agree. I dont understand the insulting par either. To me it is just childish, and stupid.

betchai said...

the video did not look like a debate to me but sort of a chaos, far from the debate I usually enjoy watching. Maybe something happened in the course of the debate that led the professor to lose his mind? Because someone who still has his mind I guess would not think of doing it, like what you said, childish and stupid.

melissa said...

It certainly did not look like a debate, but a huge argument. It was though a debate, that really got out of hand. I really dont understand why he wasnt punished though. If a college student did that, they would have been expelled.

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