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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 1 Activities for 3rd Grade 09/02/08

The first day of school is Sept 2nd. I am posting the first day of class activities.

Tues 09/02/08
Spelling List Lesson 1: fast, bird, nine, life, since, kill, cannnot, egg, water, mark, person, quite, beside, sister, forest. Write each spelling word two times each. Once in print, and once in cursive.

Vocabulary words Lesson 1: fast, bird, kill, cannot, egg, person, mark, quite, forest, beside. Use your dictionary to look up and write the definition for each word.

Math: Add and subtract 2 digit numbers, multiplication single digit numbers,

Read 1st chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark

Writing assignment: Things I want to learn to do.

Language Arts: Phonics review, Nouns, Building Sentences.

Science: Plants and animals of the sea lesson 1 Crabs. This is a multi week lesson, with various activities for each topic. At the end of Sept a field trip to the Ocean at Shyree Island is planned.

PE: 30 minutes

Recess: 30 minutes

At the end of the day, if there is time left over one of several things can be done. Take a tour of the marine mammal center at
Secrets of the oceans realm learning page at
play online educational games, arts and crafts, play educational games on leapster l-max, music, or spanish lessons. Any educational documentaries on TV are also allowed at the end of the day.

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