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Monday, August 18, 2008

Watching TS Fay, Free Transportation Unit, Homeschool Freebie of The Day

Todays post, is chock full of stuff. First we are continuing to track TS Fay. It has grown to 60 miles and hour winds, and is just entering warm waters off of Cuba. They Keys are being evacuated, and the track has once again shifted just a hair to the East. Yesterday, they said south Florida, would most likely avoid a direct hit, now that has changed yet again. Watches are all the way up to Tampa, and it is predicted to become at least a category 1 hurricane, which is a minimal hurricane. Tornadoes would be the biggest threat for us, if it makes landfall south of Tampa.

This weeks School Express newsletter contains a free themed unit on Transportation. Since the history of transportation, is a part of our third grade curriculum, this is one I was glad to see. If you would like to receive the school express free newsletter, go to and sign up. It is completely free, and every Sunday, they will send a new themed unit.

This week at homeschool freebie of the day, the following free subjects will be available.
Monday- If I could do it again, this is a free advice article from people who have homeschooled for many years.

Tuesday- Childhood Stories of George Washington &
Abraham Lincoln", great read-alouds by Anne Tatum

Wednesday- Bible Scavenger Hunt"
Challenge your kids in this Bible-based scavenger hunt
and exploration from Values-Driven Family

Thursday- Quilted Hearts Doll Quilt Project"
A wonderful learning project for young hands eager to learn
to sew and quilt, from Seasons at Home magazine

Friday- Fun Audio Adventures Sampler

To take advantage of these great freebies, go to
and sign up for their free newsletter. Every Monday, you will get new freebies, for every day of the week.

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