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Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Yes today 8/8/08 is my 39th Birthday. 39, WOW, I cant believe it. What did I get for my birthday, you ask? A microwave! Yep a microwave. My husband has bought some cheesy gifts before but this takes the cake. Just kidding, I wanted a new microwave, and he got me a nice one, without spending a fortune. That is always a good point, because I am very thrifty, he says cheap lol. Anway, if anyone else shares this date as their birthday, then Happy Birthday to you too.

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NanjoDogz said...

Happy Birthday -- hope you enjoy your day! I'm an August birthday girl too, but not until end of August -- have a great one!

melissa said...

Well Happy Birthday to you early. Thanks for the well wishes.

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