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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Sproutwells Are Coming To Your Neighborhood

Watch this short, cute video on the Sproutwells, and then we can chat about them.

So what did you think? They were kind of cute, and funny. Just a typical fruit, and vegetable family trying to make it in the human world sproutwells Cute concept, cute characters, kind of snotty kids which is typical for modern cartoon characters.

What vegetable, or fruit would you be? I said a tomato, and my 8 yr old laughed, and said that would suit you. I said why, and he said because they are always red, which means they are hot heads. Very funny I said. A tomato would suit me though. I am short, plump, and just a teensy weensy bit red, sometimes.

You will notice, in the clip, the neighbor who is obviously not used to having different people in her neighborhood, and the typical pre set notions that come with that. I will be interested to see, where the writers, go with the story line. It was a very short clip, with the neighbor, leaving obviously not liking her new neighbors. There is one other clip available, on youtube, just go to youtube, and type in Sproutwells, to view it, then share it with all your friends and family, and this clip too. Let them all pick what vegetable they would be, and why. It could be a fun game.

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