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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My Top 10 Entrecard Droppers. Thank Yous, and A Question

First I would like to thank anyone, whether you find my site via Entrecard, word of mouth, or search engine, for visiting, viewing, and commenting on this blog. I have had this blog since March, and so far it has been an experience. I have a question for you Entrecard veterans. Today when dropping my card, I noticed that some of the widgets have been changed. I can not figure out where to drop my card on these new widgets. There is no drop sign, and when I click the big yellow E it just takes me back to their blog stats. If anyone knows how to drop cards, on these new widgets, I would love to know. Ok here are my top 10 droppers for July, please show them some love, if you have the inclination to do so.

1- OC golf Course
2- My Absent Mind
3- Red Sox Mommy
4- Grow Your Own Vegetabls
5- Wood Gas
6- The Good Life
7- Monkey Fables and Tales
8- Article Specialist
9- Atniz
10- Treasure Nature

Want your blog featured, be the top ten clickers for the month of August, and your blog will appear here next month. I would like to give a special thank you to Homeschool Hammock I advertised my blog on her widget and received a whopping 145 clicks from her blog to mine. Amazing, thank you.

In the next day, or so, I will be listing all my favorite Homeschool Blogs, that I try to visit every day. Have a great Sunday, everyone.


Jolene said...

Thank you!!

I haven't seen any new widgets myself. Was it maybe just a temporary glitch making them look different?

melissa said...

I really am not sure. I do know yesterday, when I was doing my drops, several websites would not open at all. The new widgets have a big yellow E in the left hand corner, and no place to drop on it. Oh and your welcome, thank you for helping me to make my blog successful.

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