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Monday, September 1, 2008

My Top Entrecard Droppers For August and A Question

Before I get to my top droppers, I would like to ask a question. What learning type are you, and or your children? For example I am someone who prefers to learn by doing. Seeing it is great, but doing it works best for me. Auditory type learning really doesnt do much for me at all. My children, however learn a little different. My son, DJ, is a completely visual learner. He will suck up information, he sees, and apply it very quickly. My daughter Caitlin, is a combo, I think. She is only 4, so it might be hard to distinguish, yet. But she definately is a visual, doer, combo learner. So how about your children, or yourself?

Now here are my top 10 Entrecard droppers, for the month of August. So far according to the poll, 90 percent of my traffic is coming from Entrecard. I know that is not completely accurate, because I have family, and friends that read this as well. As always thank you to everyone who drops their cards, comments, and reads my blog every day. Oh yeah I almost forgot Happy Labor Day, too.

The blog, that I advertised my card on, and got the most visitors from it was with a whopping 90 visits generated.

Please feel free to visit, any of these great blogs. They are all very good.


Acakadut said...

you should consider posting live links instead of that plain text link.

just my 2 cents ;)

melissa said...

Thank you

Kalilea said...

That's a great question - I never really considered it before. I think I might be mostly a doer. I will normally start out by reading or watching someone else do something, but then I get antsy and want to try it myself. And then I just keep trying over and over until I get it right.

Melissa said...

Thank you for commenting, Kalilea. I think it is a fascinating topic. I am always amazed how clever people can be, when they are determined to learn something.

betchai said...

olike what kalilea said, the question is great. for me, i am pretty much a visual learner, i could not understand anything from simply hearing it from someone. i need pictures, or even without pictures but there are words for me to read, then, i can relate to it entirely and apply it. but then a lot of times, i get so curious that what i learn i will do it, not from instructions, but i will make my own explorations for verification, only after i see the result that i will really believe the pictures and the words that tells me. but i learned early it is not very safe as i had an accident when i was very young, on doing something i was not told to do but i wanted to verify :(

Melissa said...

betchai, that doesnt surprise me, being the adventurer that you are. I am glad nothing serious happened to you. Sometimes being a doer, isnt always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a combination of the common three - Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, but with an emphasis on Visual.
As a teacher, you're told to make sure that you deliver content in all three ways, to cater for the different students in the class, so you'd write something on the board (or a handout), talk about it, and then let them have a go at it. Those teachers that just explain about something, or just hand out something and say "get on with it" are the ones who aren't delivering it properly.
I've done so many of the VAK tests to find out what type I am! Wait until you discover Multiple Intelligencies...

Melissa said...

gazza, thank you for your thoughts and comments. I am lucky, compared to a teacher in a public school, I only have two kids to teach. They have so many more than that, I cant imagine it.

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