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Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Am Tired And Grumpy

I work 11-7, every Friday and Saturday night. I worked last night, and thank goodness I took a nap before. That is not common practice for me, on a usual Friday. Due to my husbands new work schedule, however, I have to get a little nap in, or I may not get any sleep. At 6:45 this morning, when I am dying to go home, the nurse that is relieving me comes in, has a temper tantrum about her assignment, and promptly leaves. At first no one was real concerned, because we thought she just went to smoke a cigarette, or cool off, and would return. Nope she never came back, never called, nothing. So unprofessional, irritating, and yes completely legal in a right to work state. As long as she had not yet accepted her assignment, she can just leave with no notice, and that is exactly what she did. So I had to wait around, because I did have the narcotic keys, for them to decide who would relieve me. Of course this is always a major battle, as no one wants to come in and work, even though they are on call, and get paid to be on call. I never got out until, almost two hours late, and am now going to bed, in a very grumpy mood. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.


betchai said...

Melissa, I am sorry to hear about the situation you were in this morning. That was a tough situation, but you were too kind to wait, and the other one seemed to be insensitive to her duty. I mean, even if it legal for her to do that, but then, i think she should also ask you if how you are and if you can take it to hold and wait longer, then, she takes the time to wait for someone to relieve her. I do not know, it just may be my ideal world that is thinking :(

Melissa said...

It is not an infrequent occurence, at the facility I work at. Nurses and CNA's just walk off the job, frequently. Obviously they are not asked to return, but it puts the other staff, in a tight spot. I feel better now, after some much needed sleep.

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