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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Contest: Win 10 Dollars, And A 30 Day Text Advertising Link

I am trying to figure out, how to make this a sticky post. Ok I have upped the anty a little bit, and added some cash to the prize. The winner will receive 10 dollars cash, via Paypal, plus a free 90 day text link advertising. You must have a valid paypal address to participate, as that is how the 10 dollars will be paid. The contest starts at midnight, tonight, and goes until Oct 29th. Because this is a Homeschool Blog, I wanted it to be a little towards education, but wanted everyone to be able to enter, so here are the rules:

1- I wanted to have everyone enter, a Fall related drawing, painting, or picture they photographed, but then I realized not everyone might have pictures on their computer, so IF you do enter a picture, drawing, or painting, you will get 2 entries into the contest. The picture must be emailed to to be added to the blog. Please make sure you include your name, website, or blog, so I can keep track of how many entries you receive. Please only one picture per entry. It can be a drawing or painting, that your child did, or a Fall related photograph, please be sure it is your picture, and not just taken from the web. Please remember all pictures will be added in posts, on this blog.

2- If you leave a comment, on this post, or any post, you will receive 1 entry. Please be sure it is a relevant comment, to the subject of the post, or it will not be counted. If you comment every day, you will have an entry, every day.

3- If you Buzz up, this article, or any article, you will receive 1 entry. After you Buzz up the story you must either come back, and comment, or email me that you did so. You can do this every day, on the daily post, and get an entry every day.

4- If you blog about this contest, on your blog, or website, you will get 1 entry. Be sure to either email me, so I can verify the info, and receive your info, for tracking.

5- If you sign up to follow, my blog, that is 1 entry, or if you join my RSS feed, that is also 1 entry.

There is no age limit, for this contest, and no country limit. Please remember, you must have a valid Paypal account, to be able to receive the 10 dollars cash. Good luck to everyone, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

3 comments: said...

I subscribed to your RSS via Google Reader.

It is 1 entry for me and I have a chance to win ;) said...

I'm going to post some comments on your blog so that I have more chance to win =)

Melissa said...

Thank you and good luck.

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