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Monday, September 29, 2008

Unit Study On Feelings, Homeschool Resources

This week, on they are offering a free unit study on Feelings. I have checked it out, and it is a good one. I save these, and add them to my curriculum, usually at the end of the year, or where there is an empty slot. They are free, and they will send it to your email every week, so sign up if you need some new curriculum ideas.

I am a day behind, so there will be two days worth of lesson plans listed, as I posted about the contest yesterday. Dont forget to enter, the prizes are great. Last months contest was a dog cake, and it is being made, and pictures should be up soon. I am a little behind, as my youngest is sick. She is very rarely sick, so this is kind of traumatizing to her.

Here are this weeks Homeschool Resource Freebies, for this week, you must sign up for their newsletter at to receive these great freebies. Most are PDF files, and they have some great ones this week, check them out:

Monday, Sept 29: Autumn Studies Classic collection of Nature, Literature & Art Lessons for Primary Grades. Lots of simple Q&A studies, poems, examples and more.

Tuesday, Sept 30: How To Make Your Children Obey Great little ebook on how to teach your children to be obedient from Kathy Brodock

Wednesday, Oct 1: Lessons from "The Thinking Toolkit" Two lessons from this excellent book: Learn the differences between a discussion, a disagreement, an argument & a fight. Also, learn when to shut up!

Thursday, Oct 2: Way cool Science Experiments videos! Fun collection of "hands on" science experiments for kids, courtesy of

Friday, Oct 3: First Things First How to start your day with simple Family Devotions - great guide by Penny Raine

I particularly like Monday and Fridays resources.

Due to my husbands new work schedule, yes they have changed his hours yet again, our school day will now be from 9AM, until 2:30 PM. Here are our Lesson Plans, for 9/29/08, and 9/30/08

Writing: Write directions, for how to ride a bike
Math: Multiplication, addition and subtraction
Language Arts: Phonics review, prefix, suffixes, verbs
Spelling Lesson 5: Write each spelling word 2 times each
Vocabulary Lesson 5: Look up the definition, for each vocabulary word
Art- Draw Spongebob Squarepants shown above, and paint a Ocean related painting
Reading: Read chapter 5 of The Knight At Dawn

Writing: Draw and write what your home is like
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, greater than and less than
Language Arts: Phonics Review, synonyms, antonyms
Spelling Lesson 5: Write each spelling word, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary Lesson 5: Use each vocabulary word in a sentence
PE: 30 minutes
Reading: Read chapter 6 of The Knight At Dawn
Science: Sea Creatures- Dolphins

Lesson 5 spelling words: alive, grind, pint, drive, diet, size, rise, died, tried, dial, five, pies, inside, cried, and island

Lesson 5 vocabulary words: alive, grind, pint, drive, diet, size, rise, dial, inside, island


betchai said...

I am sorry to hear about your youngest being sick, Melissa. I hope she feels better soon.

Also, I have been out in the blogosphere again, went up to the mountains and no signal over there :( and when we got back, got some headache and cold :( but now, I think I would have some energy to do entrecard dropping :)and blogging, hopefully.

Oh, and I would love to join the contest. I will email you a fall picture I took recently. And This comment counts :).

Hope you have a good day.

Melissa said...

Yes this comment counts, so that is one for you so far. I hope you feel better soon. My jewelry blog, for some reason is not functioning properly, I hope it will be fixed by tomorrow.

betchai said...

yes, Melissa, I went to your jewelry blog and I could not even EC drop. It does not show the usual side ads.

Melissa said...

They are there, just way at the bottom, underneath all the posts.

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