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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lesson Plan For 9/8/08, A Magazine, Homeschool Book,Spanish Parts Of The Body

Today, I have some interesting things, to share with you, plus my lesson plan for tomorrow.

First is this great Homeschool Book, called The Unofficial Guide To Homeschooling, by Kathy Ishizuka. My husband signed this out, at our local library, for me to read. See picture below, this book is chock full of information. It has all the homeschool laws, for each state. It has tons of website links, that offer reduced, or free resources. It also has, insider secrets, money saving techniques, time saving tips, the latest trends, handy checklists and charts. This book is a great read for anyone who homeschools, is thinking of homeschooling, or even for people who need some advice on giving their children a little extra help in school.

Next, is this great magazine, my husband bought at the supermarket the other day. I go to the supermarket often, and I have never seen this particular magazine. It is called Wonder Time, and is both a parenting magazine, and a magazine a young reader might like to read. It is not geared toward homeschooling, in particular, but it does have great ideas for parenting, school in general, crafts, nutrition, etc. I thought it was kind of expensive at 4.95, but there was info I could use again, so it was ok.

After finally, finding my Spanish software, we have added Spanish, back into our lesson plans. This week, we are studying parts of the body. The pages shown, are picture dictionaries, scanned onto my computer. You can print them, and use them, if you like. The software is called Instand Immersion Spanish, The Euro Method, and I purchased it at Walmart, for not an expensive price. It is a 2 disc set, for beginners, and advanced speaking. It is simple to use, and fun too. We already mastered colors, and numbers to 10, so we have skipped those two sections. If anyone is interested in those picture dictionaries, just post a comment, and I will post them for you to print for your own use.

One last thing, I would like to add, about useful sites. Busy Teachers Cafe, has great free printables, for clever writing ideas, for younger children. They list them as daily assigments, for every day of the week. They are great, you should check them out.

Lesson Plan for Monday 9/8/08

Reading- Read Chapter 4 of Dinosaurs Before Dark.
Writing- Imagine you have a fairy god mother.
Spanish- Parts of the body.
Music- If time permits, I can play piano
Spelling Lesson 2- ice, pick, gone, case, faces, cage, magic, age, wagon, give, giant, once, danger, places, climb.
Vocab List Lesson 2- ice, cage, magic, age, wagon, give, giant, once, danger, climb
Math- Multiplication, addition, subtraction, greater than and less than.
Language Arts- Sentences, plural nouns, phonics review
Beavers Themed Unit I do have this saved to my computer, if anyone is interested in it, just comment me, and I will upload it for you to print.


A Simple Life said...

hi melissa! thanks for dropping by. to answer your question, raw honey is different from the ones we buy at groceries. here in the philippines we buy them from farms or from the people in the provinces who collect honey.

Melissa said...

Oh ok, so you get it right from the bee harvesters. Thank you for getting back to me, about that. Have a great day

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