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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lessons For 9/3/08, Freebies Alert, The Tropics

Right behind Gustov, comes Hanna, Ike and possibly Josephine. Hanna, will definately be effecting Florida, and possibly so will Ike. So as per usual, these days, we are watching the tropics.

This weeks School Express freebie is a themed unit on Amphibians. To get it go to sign up for their free newsletter, and every Sunday, or Monday they will send you a free unit study.

Today is our first day of school, and here is the lesson plans for 9/3/08

Spelling Lesson 1
Vocabulary Lesson 1
Math multiplication, addition and subtraction
Language Arts phonics review, nouns, capitalization
Read 2nd chapter of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Writing Tell about one place where you have alot of fun
Social Studies Targeting Communities, and Arkansas work sheet
Music I can play piano, if time permits

These are work sheets on communities, that we are using. You should be able to print them and use them if you like.


betchai said...

i hope the storms will pass unnoticed in your area, melissa. or if it comes, it won't be that bad. it seems to me the workload of mom as the teacher is many times more than sending your child to school, but am sure it is also many times more rewarding and fulfilling, the joy within.

Melissa said...

Hanna, seems to be headed for the east coast of Florida, we are on the Gulf side. But we still have to pay attention to it, and of course hope all the people on the east coast do too. I agree, it is alot of work, homeschooling, but as you said, it is very rewarding.

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