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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Civil War Lessons, Elephant Lessons All Free

Oh the weather is finally cooling off. Fall here, in the south, is nothing like fall up north, but I still love it. The air is less humid, nights are cool enough to open the windows, and very often can stay open until New Years. We definately did not do that when we lived up north.

If you would like some free lesson plans on the Civil War, and Elephants you can go to the next two sites. They are free, and I will be adding them both, into my already done Curriculum where ever I can squeeze them in.

Lesson Plan for 9/22/08

Spelling Lessson 4: Write each spelling word two times each, once print, and once in cursive. main, daily, safe, jail, tale, blame, explain, awake, mail, raise, paid, paint, baked, claim, train.

Vocabulary Lesson 4: Look up the definition for the following words: daily, safe, jail, tale, blame, explain, mail, paid, baked, claim

Writing: Things I am not allowed to do

Math: Multiplication, adding 4 digit numbers

Language Arts: Phonics review, possessive pronouns, suffixes

Reading: Read chapter 1 of The Knight At Dawn

Spanish: Parts of the body

Social Studies: Connecticut, Community Rights Guarded


betchai said...

Hi Melissa, that is nice you are enjoying a cooler weather now. Am sure you must be missing the lovely fall up North.

Melissa said...

I do very much miss the wonderful foliage. You dont get a whole lot of fall foliage, here in Florida, or at least very little.

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