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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

700 Billion Dollars Are You Kidding Me, Halloween Fudge

I have tried really hard, not to talk about the Economy, and Politics, however since they are going hand in hand right now, I cant help it. First let me start by saying, I had heard, that it was actually Bill Clinton, that started all this spiral downwards. Since I just dont take anyones word for it, I did some research. It is true Clinton is the one, who signed the bill, at the end of his last term, that allowed the banks to have things to their advantage. He could have vetoed it, he didnt. He could have requested changes, he did not. I feel since, it was the end of his term, he figured I will just let it go through, despite the warnings that it would take 8-10 years to totally screw up the markets, and screw the American people. 1999-2008 hmm excactly 8 yrs, and look what is happening. To view the article, I read go to There are several articles on the topic, that can easily be found on the web. Now let me say the two legislators, who proposed the law, later went on to become CEO's of these investment banks, and made millions if not billions of dollars. Hmm no wonder they wanted it. How many of these legislators, including McCain and Obama have made millions of dollars, off of the tax payers, and the unknowing consumer, that had no say over these unscrupulous laws, that only protected the rich, and made them richer. I can not even begin to tell you how angry I am at both Democrats, and Republicans. It is an election year, and in my opinion they should all be fired, period. Change the banking laws back, and put some regulation into all these dealings that go one behind closed doors. I really would like to know what our candidates have invested in, made money off of, and who exactly is lobbying for them, because I dont trust a single one of them.

Now lets talk about the bail out/loan, whatever you want to call it. I have posted before, that I do not agree with this. These banks should just fail, lose their money, and start over. I dont think tax payers should be bailing them out of their risky, unscrupulous acts. Now of course, legislators, want to add more to the bail out/loan such, as bail outs for the auto industry, bail outs for defaulters of credit cards, homeowners who knowingly bought homes they knew they couldnt afford to get rewritten mortgages so they can afford said luxury home, are you kidding me. This is absurd, why should Americans bail out any of these issues? Alot of Americans have had bad debts, some filed bankruptcy, some spent years and years paying it off, why should any of us just give ones who didnt take care of their bad debt, a free handout. This is absurd, and I am completely and totally against this.700 Billion Dollars, are you kidding me. How will they pay for this, how will they get the money for this, and why should we be forced to pay for this? When will it end, it might not even work, please this is ridiculous.

Now on a lighter note, here are some nice Halloween recipes, to make for your little ones to enjoy. If you click on the picture, it will come up to full size, so you can print it, enjoy.

Lesson Plans for 9/25/08:

Reading: Read Chapter 4 of The Knight At Dawn
Health: Brushaway Plaque
PE: 30 minutes
Spelling: Place your spelling words in alphabetical order
Vocabulary: Write each vocab word, and defintion 2 times each
Math: Multiplication, addition, subtraction, problem solving
Language Arts: Phonics review, pronouns, suffixes
Writing: Write a paragraph that describes what you look like
Word Search: Dinosaurs


betchai said...

I share your disappointment, Melissa. I really do not think it is fair that billions of dollars from people's money would be used to bail-out companies and people also who could no longer face their mortagages. It is just not fair, how will this teach people to live with and learn from their mistakes? It sounds like condoning them for their thoughtless mistakes.

Melissa said...

I agree, a little tough love would not be such a bad thing, in this situation. I personally think lawmakers, are doing this, because if the stock market goes under, the wealthy might have to live like the rest of those poor souls.

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