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Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Unit Study On The Aztecs, Lesson Plan for 9/16/08

Now that the Tropics, are finally quiet, I can stop focusing on the weather, and start thinking about Fall decorating. Funny thing is, I cant seem to find any of my Fall decorations. I can not imagine where they are. I am hoping the gas refineries, and oil platforms, will only be offline for a short amount of time. I am interested to see what the Dow does today, and what gas closes at. It could be a rocky few weeks, or even months. Lets hope not though.

This weeks free Unit Study, from School Express, is on the Aztecs. I use all of the ones they send me, I squeeze them into the curriculum wherever I can. To get your free weekly Unit Study go to sign up for the free newsletter, and every week they will send you a different topic. Some people homeschool using just unit studies, and they do offer different packages to accomodate that.

Lesson Plan for 9/16/08

Spelling Lesson 3: Write each spelling word, and circle the vowels
Vocabulary Lesson 3: Write a sentence, using each vocabulary word
Reading: Read chapter 9 of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Science: Plants and animals of the sea- Seahorses
Writing: Draw and write, what you ate for breakfast
PE: 30 minutes
Math: Multiplication, place value 4 digit numbers, addition, and subtractions
Language Arts: Phonics review, commas, pronouns
Spanish: Parts of the body

If time permits, play learning games on Leapster L-max, arts and crafts, and or music.

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