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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Which Subject Is Hardest, Lesson Plan For 9/11/08

First please lets remember the victims of the terrible 9/11 attacks, on the Twin Towers. I will talk more about that tomorrow 9/11/08.

Todays Homeschool topic, is what is the hardest subject to teach, and or learn. When I was in school, many moons ago, I found Language Arts, to be the hardest to learn. Probably because I found it intensely boring. I loved to read, but grammar and writing were torture for me. Now that I am teaching my own children, I find phonics to be the hardest to teach. My son, did phonics, in public school, so I only had to supplement that. He reads, at a very high level now. My 4 yr old, is just starting to learn phonics, and I am finding it difficult to teach. Knowing how to read, and teaching it is not easy. There are several different techniques, we are using. She is a visual learner, so the Internet, books, and even DVD's are very helpful to her. So what subjects did you find hard to learn, and or teach?

This is the Lesson Plan, for 9/11/08

Reading- Read chapter 7 of Dinosaurs Before Dark
Health- Dental Health, plus go to this website for more on teeth
Writing- Tell a story about a magic car
Math- Multiplication, addition, subtraction, estimate sums and differences
Language Arts- Phonics review, nouns, choose the right tool
Spelling lesson 2- put your words in alphabetical order
Vcabulary lesson 2- try to think of a synonym for each vocabulary word
Spanish- Parts of the body


betchai said...

i was still in the philippines during the 9/11 horror, at the school where i taught there, we would form a prayer rally for the victims, survivors and for terrorism to end. every year after that, on 9/11, we would pause for a prayer.

the hardest subject for me to learn would you believe is pilipino, being a filipina myself. in the philippines, we are a multi-dialect nation, we are a small nation yet we speak so many different dialects. and coming from a province that does not speak pilipino (or tagalog) which is our national language, having to learn pilipino, english and spanish all at the same time was torturing my young brain. english, being used in the science and math actually was easiest for me to learn, since it is the language which is applied in our other classes. my spanish went to naught :( i can pick up a few, and pilipino i learned it only later when i really matured and worked in a place that speak pilipino. but i know i am poor in grammar, in all languages, english, spanish and pilipino, for my golly, they all have different grammar and construction.

Melissa said...

betchai, I had no idea there were so many different types of dialects, in the Phillipines. I was at work, on 9/11, all those years ago, and I actually watched it on the TV, it was horrifying.

betchai said...

yes, melissa, and there are other regions who hesitates to adopt tagalog at all as the national language, thus, to understand each other, we would have to use English, no matter how crooked we sound sometimes :)

yeah, 9/11 really shocked the world, it was so horrifying, i hope and pray it won't happen again anywhere, and that the victims, their survivors, the survivors and those who witnessed 9/11 would continue to find strength, courage and peace in their hearts. glad to know you were safe during those times, melissa.

and also, glad to know you are not in ike's path now, definitely. however, i pray that ike wont really hammer hard wherever it may land and that everyone would be safe.

Melissa said...

Thank you betchai, Ike is now headed for Texas. I hope everyone stays safe, and follows the Hurricane closely.

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