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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do You Remember Where You Were On 9/11/01

It has been 7 yrs, since the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. Do you remember where you were, on that awful day? I do, I was at work. My son was a year old, and at day care. I worked the day shift then, and the hospital was extremely busy. I had taken my breakfast break, and as I was coming out of the break room, I noticed a Dr standing, and watching the TV. Normally not something that would catch my eye, but this particular Dr had made it very well known to us, how much she hated TV, and never watched it. So of course I was curious, as to what had caught her interest. I went in the room, and saw her looking at the first Tower, on fire. I said what is that? She said, that is a building in NYC, that a plane just hit. I stood there with her, watching, as the reporter was saying it was a horrible accident, and they were working on how it happened. Just right then, the second plane came in, and smashed into the second Tower. Right in front of us, we just looked at each other.

I lived about 3 hrs from NYC, at that time, and was very scared as to what was going to happen next. I could not wait for my shift to get over, so I could get my son, and get home. Do you remember what you were doing, on that fateful day? Please remember to say a special prayer, for the victims, and their families. If you dont pray, or dont believe in prayer, a moment of silence will work just fine. Dont forget all the first responders, who risked their own lives, trying to save the lives of others. So many were lost that day.

Tomorrow 9/12/08 is Test Day, here at Melissas Homeschool, so there is no lesson plan to post.


Patricia said...

I was watching the Today show at the time and saw it all play out in real time. I will never forget.

Melissa said...

I cant imagine, the poor people that actually were in those towers. The fear, and anguish, they must have suffered.

betchai said...

i was sleeping for it was our dawn in the philippines, and my late mom woke me up to check some relatives, thankfully, they were all okay. indeed, it is hard to forget and so unimaginable that could happen.

Melissa said...

Lets just hope, it never happens again. I hate to not put things behind us, but the victims deserve to be remembered.

iWalk said...

I received the most phone calls that day. Because many of my friends went to New York for business that time. Their families hoped I could have the safe news about them.

Melissa said...

Ooh I hope you were able to give them good news. I cant even imagine, having loved ones there, at such a terrible time.

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