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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Economy, Finance, Stock Market, Cute Pencil Holder Craft

Tomorrow is test day, so I do not have a lesson plan to post. So I get to talk about some other topics, instead.

What does everyone think about the US government, bailing out or giving bridge loans, to big Wallstreet investment banks? I know if they dont do something, the economy will supposedly fall completely apart. I am not sure I believe that, nor am I sure it is fair for US taxpayers, to have to pay for people who do high risk investments, and even borderline legal dealings. I think they should just be allowed to fail, and pick up the pieces wherever they may fall. Taxpayers will pay, no matter which road they take. I dont think paying these CEO's who themselves, and their companies, have become extremely rich, through their dealings, should continue to get big fat pay checks, while we the taxpayers pay for it. I think it is just plain wrong. My husband has a 401K, through his job. Thank goodness, he only had a very small amount of it invested, in the Stock Market. I hate to think how much money, the average person has lost, through the dealings of these big investment companies.

Here is the craft project, for your little ones to try. It is to make a pencil, or crayon holder. Feel free to print, and use it as you wish. We are not making ours, exactly as shown, my kids picked some other decals they wanted to use instead. So it is versatile, and you can tweek it as you see fit.


betchai said...

same, maybe it is hard for us to understand it because we are not in high-risk investment :( it is like, why should i share in paying for the mistakes of some? it was their decision when they entered it, they were ware of the consequences, why let others bail them out?

but yeah, the economy is in turmoil, one thing i hate is to change bank, since my bank (washington mutual) is suspected to collapse soon, they say, maybe tomorrow :( so yeah, i have to go through the hassles again of opening another account and transferring whatever into the new one.

Melissa said...

I just dont think it is fair, if you or I get bad debt, as they call it. We cant just get a bailout, or have it set off in some account, for tax payers to take on. Our Federal Budget, is already in a deficit, this will just make it worse, and the fat cats get to stay rich. It just plain makes me sick.

betchai said...

yeah, sometimes, there are just so many actions made by government that are hard to understand. like it seems it is okay to make bad decisions, for you will be bailed out anyway :(

Melissa said...

Yeah but we would never be bailed out. No we would get harrassed, by bill collectors, for infinity. It is in my opinion, just one more way to keep the rich richer, and the poor poorer. This is an awesome country, and I would never want to live anwhere else, but sometimes I wonder about the so called leaders of this country.

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