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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Perfect Job

DJ had a writing assignment this week, that asked him to pick the perfect job, and write about it. Of course he picked race car driver, and wrote a big long story about why this would be the perfect job. Obviously for me, his mother, I would not agree, but to an 8 yr old it is perfect. Anyway, it got me thinking about my career, and how I came to choose it. I have been a nurse for 21 years, and mostly chose that profession, because my mother told me not to. I was a stubborn child, and really hated being told what to do. So I went to nursing school out of spite, LOL. Nursing has been good to me. When I worked in the hospitals, I learned so much. Because I was brave, and energetic, two things that have sort of waned with aging, I was able to learn and see alot of things. Here in Florida, I work in a local nursing home. While it is not my preference, for Nursing, it is a job, and has taught me a whole lot about respect, love, generosity, and ones right to make decisions for themselves, even when we think they might not be able to. Geriatrics, is completely different, from acute care, in a lot of ways. I can say I have learned a lot, just in a different way. When I look back on my career, I am pleased as to the places it has brought me. If I were in high school today, and choosing a career, would I choose Nursing? I dont know, if I would. Nursing is not today, what it was 21 yrs ago. The pay is decent, as far as pay goes, but working conditions are not always optimal. I think maybe my perfect job, would have been a Lawyer. I love a good argument, and I never play to lose. I think my aggressive, relentless personality, would make me perfect for the court room, plus I find the law fascinating, as well as human behavior. So what would be your perfect job, if you could choose the perfect job, and why?


ruthi said...

I never dreamt to be a teacher though I always played teacher when I was a kid. I never thought of being a nurse either though I also played nurse when I was little because my mom made me a small white cap like what the nurses were wearing long before. I worked as an executive assistant for 5 long years in 5 different companies then I decided to quit and went back to school to become a teacher. I was a High School teacher for 11 years until I quit to come here and married the love of my life. As of now, I am a stay-at-home wife but I dont know if I will choose to become a teacher here too.

Though I grew up avoiding to be a teacher... eventually I became one. And to say the least... being a teacher is the most wonderful and fullfilling job I ever had. I also wanted to be a lawyer in one point of my life and my mom thought that I would make a good one because I love arguing but then, my heart is to teaching. It may not necessarily in the classroom in a formal and standard set-up but I feel I could be a teacher even if I am not in the classroom... teaching lessons of my experiences in life to a wider classroom like blogosphere.

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Melissa said...

Ruthi, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I think you sound like an awesome teacher. I think teaching is a wonderful job. My son sometimes says he would like to be a teacher. Of course he has a long way before he decides such things. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...
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betchai said...

haha, Melissa, what an opposite world. In the Philippines, it seems all moms would want their kids to be nurse to go to America, or anywhere in the world. They call it greener pasture. I actually wanted to be a doctor or a nurse when I was a child because it seemed to me that was the profession to beat! But then, I realized later I could not handle the emotional challenges of being in a medical field. I do not only cry when I see people very sick, it makes me not sleep because I keep on thinking about them, my heart would beat so fast whenever I see people in so much pain and agony, and later it would lead to throbbing headache I guess because my heart does not function well anymore to send blood to my brain :( Then I wanted to be a lawyer and a journalist, but my parents told me I am too emotional for that, they sensed I get very much involved in any discussion and arguments, they were so scared for me when I was a student leader thinking I would become activist :) They wanted me to become an accountant, but like you, Melissa, I do not want them to think I follow them. So, I took Chemical Engineering, against the wishes of my parents, they were afraid their only daughter would become truly a tomboy! My first job was in the engineering industry, but fate brought me to teach a student who struggled in his Calculus. To make the long story short, that student opened the world of teaching to me and encouraged me to help out more students as a "real teacher in a school", I have been teaching Chemistry in the college level for 15 years now and I have no regrets. I may shift to Math teaching though, since I think more students would succeed in the Sciences if their Math basics were strengthenes enough.

Melissa said...

betchai, you are so kind and caring you would probably make an excellent nurse. Though I am sure you are a wonderful, teacher too. Nursing is a tough job in a lot of ways, but very rewarding in alot of ways too. I think being a parent, has to be the most important job, I have ever had.

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