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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lesson Plan For 9/15/08, After School Program

Tomorrow, DJ starts going to the after school program, at a local kids center. I chose this option, due to difficulty finding Homeschool groups, that were diverse, and suitable to my needs. I have started a yahoo group, for anyone who lives in Gilchrist County. So if anyone from, my area stumbles across this blog, go to to join. Me, and my children, are the only members so far. I dont anticipate anyone joining anytime soon, as it is such a rural area, but I will be advertising it. Caitlin can not go, at this time. They offer a free preschool program, but it is 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, and that I definately do not want. So she will stay with the free preschool at the local library, one day a week, for an hours. She is enjoying that, and it is perfect for her for now. Our field trip, to the ocean, planned for 9/26/08, may be moved up to the 19th, or postponed, until gas prices become reasonable again.

Lesson Plan for 9/15/08

Spelling List Lesson 3: little, its, under, rock, dead, past, them, collar, dug, does, gobble, bottom, level, felt, next Write each spelling words 2 times each. One time printing, and one time in cursive.

Vocabulary List Lesson 3: Look up the definition for each word: little, under, rock, past, collar, gobble, bottom, level, felt, next

Read Chapter 8 of Dinosaurs Before Dark

Writing: Imagine you have super powers

Spanish: Parts of the body

Math: Multiplication, addding and subtracting 3 numbers

Language Arts: Phonics review, commas, pronouns

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