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Friday, September 12, 2008

Learning HTML Code, Socialization, New Schedule, Hurricane Ike

First let me apologize, for being so hurried this morning. My husbands job, has once again changed his work hours, so I am adjusting to yet another schedule. It is not a big deal, except for Friday and Saturdays, when I work the night shift, at my job. I did get through most of my Entrecard drops, if I missed anyone I will catch you tomorrow morning, when I get home. There were tons of blogs, I could have left comments, on but I am rushed for time. I will get to those as well. Kalilea, has a very cool video I want to watch, as well, I will have to get to that tomorrow as well.

I have to grocery shop, in like the next 10 minutes, then get Caitlin to Preschool, at the local library, and DJ is going to take a tour of his new after school program, at a local kids center. That is what they call it, and he will be joining for a few hours, 3 days a week, for socialization with other children. It is kind of pricy, but I have tried the Homeschool Group route, and that is like joining a Sorority or something. I dont have time for stringent rules, minimum amount of hours to volunteer, etc if I wanted all that I would just send them to public school. I did start my own group, not just for homeschoolers, if I get any members, I will probably drop the other. Then I get to come home, and get to bed for a nap, before I go to work tonight. My husband has a webinar, at Noon, yes he does work online too. Most of this change in my sleeping habits, stems from the fact that on Sundays, he has to be to work by 10, and I get absolutely no sleep. So I have to sleep in the evening, in order to be able to maintain myself through out Sunday. I am not happy about this, but I do what I have to do.

If anyone knows, a simple and cheap way to learn how to do HTML code, I would love to know. I have no idea, how to do it myself, and I think it is time I learned. Any assistance, is always greatly appreciated.

One more note, Hurricane Ike, is barreling its way towards Galveston, Texas, I hope everyone has headed the warnings, and left town. They say it is going to be a Hurricane for the record books. Our gas prices, have already gone up 50 cents, so watch those gas prices, too. Be safe, and have a wonderful Friday, I will be back Saturday.


Kalilea said...

September sure is a busy time of year even without all the extra things that crop up.

If there's anything I can do to help you with the HTML stuff, let me know. I write a lot of technical tutorials - HTML and related coding are a couple of topics that I cover.

Watch out with that bad weather in the Gulf. My father lives near Houston and I just got off the phone with him. He is far enough inland that he doesn't have to evacuate, but it looks like he is still going to get some bad rain and winds.

Melissa said...

HTML, I really dont know anything, so anything would be helpful. I think I should learn at least some, if I am going to continue blogging, it would help. I hope your dad is safe and dry. My thoughts are with him.

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