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Monday, February 22, 2010

Electricity, Electricity, and Bird Feeders Your Kids Can Make

To make this craft, you have to click the picture, so it enlarges, and then print it. These are nifty little bird feeders your kids can make using tongue blades, peanut butter, and bird seed. My kids love to feed the birds, watch them, identify them, etc. It can be a great learning experience, plus help nature out a little too. We will be doing these probably next week, after I get all the supplies.

Tomorrow for Science class we are studying electricity. Those of you who are as old as me, ahem 40, will remember these catchy School House Rock songs. The one posted is Electricity, Electricity.

Lesson Plans For 02/23/10:

Science: Electricity
Math: Fractions, division, addition
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20
Language Arts: Root words, question busters, multiple meanings

Reading: HOP Sam and the Mitt week two
Site Words
Flash Cards
Math: Addition to five
Printing Practice
Animal Book: Animal Pets dogs
Baby animals and mothers worksheet
Phonics: Ending Sounds
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20


Kristy said...

I remember the Electricity video. That brings back lots of memories for me about Saturday morning cartoons. The bird feeders sound fun to make with the kids. Have fun!

Anne said...

I loved that School House Rock. We let the kids listen to them a lot. OK, so what is a tongue blade? Is it what us lay people call a tongue depressor?

Femmepower said...

Very entertaining and informative video u have there,melissa. Bianca was singing along to the tune while watching it.I sometimes experience static electricity. so that explains. thanks again for the info. =)

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy, the bird feeder craft came from one of the magazines you gave me last week, so thanks.

Anne, yes I am sorry a tongue blade is the same as a tongue depressor LOL.

Rochelle you are very welcome, and I am glad Bianca is feeling better, and enjoyed the video.

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