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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who Likes To Dust?

Well Caitlin doesn't feel good today, and does not want to do school. As punishment I am making her dust. Got your attention? I am just kidding, obviously. That is a slam aimed at someone on another forum that I frequent, who again insinuates that home schoolers somehow neglect, abuse, or other wise hide their children from society. When will people realize we home school because we enjoy being with our children, and teaching them, not so we can abuse them. Gosh!!!

Caitlin really is not feeling well today. Lessons will be made up over the weekend. Of course DJ immediately demands to have the day off too, he would be too distracted by her constant nose blowing. Back to my reference to dusting. Do you like to dust? I hate to dust. My children really do like to dust. Maybe I should have them seen by a shrink LOL. I read recently in a magazine, I would tell you which one, but my memory is not functioning properly, that if you have lots of indoor green plants the leaves actually absorb the dust, and you will not have to dust as often. Why has no one ever told me this before. Here I am putting all my green plants outside, totally neglecting them of their daily dose of my dust. The nerve of me. It also said you will get less colds, as well. So now I have to either buy more nice green plants, are start digging up the ones I have outside. I think these types of things should be shared more often. What do you think?

Well I guess that is all the fun you get to have at my blog today. Tomorrow is test day, reading, and writing for DJ. Have a great, dust free day!


Anne said...

My Joanna is home sick too (I know Caitlin is always home, but now she is home sick, just like Joanna :)). I must abuse my children because Joanna isn't that sick so I am making her clean her room. So obviously it is us public school parents who abuse our children. In reality, Joanna isn't that sick, she just woke up at 4am with a stomach ache. I didn't send her to school in case it got worse. Wow, this is long, but I didn't want any of your readers to actually think I abused my children.

Andrea said...

Following from BlogHer:-)
I am a homeschooler in Florida as well.

Kristy said...

LOL! This was so funny Ms. Melissa! I was laughing the whole time I read it. You and DJ share a sense of humor. I never knew that about the houseplants in helping to collect dust. I will be getting a lot of houseplants now. Thanks for the info.

Ebie said...

I disagree! There is nothing wrong with home schooling children. I have a few of my friends do this. And they are all smart and can adapt well with society.

Hope Caitlin feels better.

Hehehe, I dislike cleaning...

Melissa said...

Anne, I know you don't abuse your kids. Anyone who reads your blogs knows that.

Andrea thank you I forgot all about Blogher. I really don't understand what I am supposed to do there.

Ms Kristy, you just get my humor LOL

Thank you Ms Ebie, and I know we are different, but we are not abnormal.

chiromommy said...

One of my boys and myself have been sick the past 2 days with the flu. As a result we have only been doing light reading and enjoying the rest. We will either make the hours up tomorrow or next week!

I liked the humor about the dusting! Why is it so hard for people to understand the main reason most of us homeschool is to enjoy being parents? I had a friend once tell me she enjoyed public school because she could send her kid away for 8 hours a day and have freedom. I can't imagine being away from them for that long every single day.

New homeschooling momma of a 4 and 5 year old in Missouri! :) Glad to have found your blog! It's encouraging to read about other homeschoolers!

Melissa said...

I have heard lots of people say that, and that is certainly their decision, and I respect it. It would be nice to get the same in return. I have lots of people who read this blog, who do not homeschool, and I consider them respectful, and friendly, it is in the physical world where people ask the strange questions, well mostly any ways.

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