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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Thoughts On Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Soap

This is not a paid post. Not that I don't do them, I do, but they are clearly marked. A couple of weeks ago I visited a blog, that allowed me to sign up for a free sample of Purex 3 in 1 laundry soap. Well I didn't wait for the sample. I bought some on my next visit to Walmart. At my Walmart it was $5.94, for about a 24 loads. I think that is a very fair price considering you get soap, fabric softener, and static remover for your dryer, all in one nifty little pad. I must say I love them. I do not have a dryer, so the third step does not work for me. The soap is obviously the first. I make sure the whole pad is covered before putting in my laundry, so no fabric softener can get on them. I like the price, and the convenience of not having to watch for the rinse cycle. If I had one complaint it would be that it does not make enough soap bubbles for my liking, so I add just a little extra detergent, still saves me money. I will definitely continue to use them. One other laundry tidbit. I hate laundry, but what I hate more is stains on laundry. I thought to myself one day, self if Dawn original dish detergent takes grease off my dishes, will it take it off my laundry? Amazingly I find it does. I squirt one good sized squirt in the laundry water, before putting in clothes, that have heavy dirt, or stains, and poof they came out. I love it, and thank goodness my experiment did not eat my clothes or something. Now I am going out to get some much needed warmth, and sunshine. The new pool is up, and filled, though we can't use it for a few weeks. Sorry Anne, I had to put that in just for you.

Lesson Plans For 02-22-10:

Reading: The Knight of the Gwan with summary
Writing: The cardinal fish
Language Arts: Root words
Math: Fractions, multiplication
Cursive Writing
Art: Art Lesson on Color, adding highlights and shadows, video below
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20 week two

Arts and Crafts: Put together her alphabet book
Reading: HOP Sam and the Mitt week 2
Site Words
Flash Cards
Math: Addition to five
Animal Book: Pet animals- cat
What happens next worksheet
Animal Identification: Two feet, four feet
Phonics: Ending sounds
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20


Anne said...

Now you are just taunting me. We are waiting for another storm this week. I am definitely going to try the Dawn thing. With 2 girls, stains are a way of life so I am always looking for a good stain fighter.

Kristy said...

Great housekeeping tips Miss Melissa! I will try the Dawn too. I have never heard of trying that before but I have lots of stains. Thanks for the info.

Lily said...

my husb said thank you for the dish soap experiment!!!

I Just wanted to tell you that my daughters love the video you have on your blog with the sign language for numbers, thank you ;)

Lily said...

by the way, I hadn't realized I wasn't following you, I am now your 100th follower ;)

Melissa said...

I find the Dawn trick works best with white, or light colors. Lily thank you I am so excited to have 100 followers. Anne I am not really taunting you, OK maybe I am LOL.

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