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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Presidents: Thomas Jefferson

Last year we covered George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln a bit. Tomorrow for history class, we are doing Presidents again. There are two cute president videos in the archives, that your kids will love. Today I am adding Thomas Jefferson, which is just a short video about the former president. But it covers the highlights of his life, which for younger learners is plenty to know. I Tivo'd three episodes of The Presidents, off of the History channel last week. We will be watching them tomorrow. They only cover the presidents up to 1845, which is strange, but it will work for us. I have purchased the curriculum The Story of the World part one Ancient Times, for next year. It is a full year curriculum, that Ms Laura from my playgroup introduced me too. I like it because I can use it for both children, as it can be for grades 1-6, and it did not cost me a small fortune. There are four parts all together, covering 4 full years of History curriculum. DJ is excited, and has already started browsing through the reading book. Thanks Ms Laura, for the tip.

Lesson Plans For 02/24/10:

Social Studies: Presidents
Language Arts: Root words, question busters
Math: Fractions, multiplication, subtraction
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20

Chronological Order
Reading: HOP Sam and the Mitt week two
Site Words
Flash Cards
Math: Adding to five
Printing Practice
Animal Book: Pet animals- goldfish
Phonics: Ending sounds
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20


Kristy said...

We enjoyed the video about Thomas Jefferson. Great information you have provided on your post especially about the History curriculum. Thanks!

Anne said...

The fact that DJ is excited is half the battle. It sounds like it will work really well for both kids.

Ebie said...

I really want to learn sign language. The kids are really learning a lot; great coverage of topics on your daily lesson plan.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys.

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