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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teeth Brushing, Kids Music

Well Caitlin has decided in the past week, that she does not care if her teeth ever get brushed again GRR. She says it is boring, and a bother. Great, don't you think? So I found this cute video from Crawford the Cat, in my archives, and will be sharing it with her until she decides to brush her teeth again. I hope to find a nasty decayed tooth to share with her too. Our playdate Valentines Day party, for tomorrow, was changed to next week due to Strep throat. So I didn't make a full day of activities, so tomorrow we will be moving rooms around. Since we bought this house, my kids have shared a bedroom, and had a playroom. This sleeping arrangement is no longer working. DJ does not want his sister in his room, and Caitlin refuses to fall asleep in a timely manner at night. I remember when DJ did that too, but his memory is short, and his sister is annoying him, when he wants to read, or go to sleep. So that will be the bulk of our day tomorrow, oh joy. I also included a cute music video for your younger learner to enjoy.

Lesson Plans For 02/11/10:

Math: Equivalent fractions, division review
Language Arts: Synonyms, root words
Cursive Writing
Sign Language: Essentials

Reading: Kim Kangaroo
Printing Practice
Math: Addition to ten
Animal Book: Desert animals


Kristy said...

Oh wow....I am having the same problem with David and getting him to brush his teeth. He just doesn't want to do it or acts like it is a bother as you say. I will watch the video with him and see if that will help matters. I hope you have fun with the room changing. See you all next Thursday.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy, I can not believe it she brushed her teeth without me even asking, and washed her hands about 100 times. I will have to be sure she watches it at least ten times a day LOL.

Kristy said...

Wow..that is amazing. The video has not even fazed David. Ugh!

Melissa said...

The hand washing didn't last long, but the teeth brushing is still good. Try a new toothbrush here and there, it seems to be a motivator too, at least for Caitlin.

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