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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun Friday The Letter S: The Sun

Today is Fun Friday, at our Blogging For Fun group. It is a Yahoo group, and you can join by using the sign up box, in the side bar of this blog. Today I have to do a quicky post, so I apologize in advance. I am doing the Sun. I love the sun, I really do. I am one of those lucky people who tan very easy, and get a nice summer glow. Though I look rather putrid in the winter. Come March I start sitting in the sun, and building my base tan, so when the real hot stuff gets here, I won't burn as easy. I was going to do the lovely Springs that we have here in Florida, but I have covered them before, and you can see all the beautiful videos, by paying a visit to my archives, on the sidebar. The two videos below are cool, and will help explain the Sun, much better than I ever could. There is basic sun info, how to made a sundial, and how to make your own solar panels, very hot if you ask me. Now I am going to get some sun, since it has been freezing here yet again.


ruthi said...

Very Interesting! I love the sun too. Just what we need in this kind of weather... I wish it is summer already. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekends.

Kristy said...

I loved the video about the sun. I agree in that we need some warm and sunny weather.

betchai said...

i love the sun too Melissa, don't think anyone can live without it. my favorite season is summer, there is just so much life to it. i am too busy this weekend, am not sure if i can write about letter S, planning to write about Sea and all the S that goes with it, if I can not write one this weekend, maybe I'll double next time :(

Ebie said...

I easily get tan too. My favorite time of the day to catch the sun is the setting time.

In the summer when we do our long trips, I wear the TEVA type rugged sandals, and I could always see marks.

I enjoyed the video. It is so cool!

Melissa said...

It will be getting warm soon, I promise. It has been exceptionally cold here in Florida, this winter.

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