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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Universe Living In Space Part 2, Phonics A-Z Sounds

Today, you will notice my blogs are all green, for St Patrick's Day. I love green, and it makes me think of spring. This has been a very cold winter, here in Florida. The state of Florida has had two days, with measurable snow, once in the north, and once in central Florida ugh, I hate snow. Anyway last week I shared part one of the Universe living in space video, here is part two below. Plus a cute phonics video, for all your kiddos learning to read, and sound out words. We also have Scientific Method in Science today, and there is a kids video in my archives, that makes it easy for young learners to understand.

Lesson Plans For 02/17/10:

Social Studies: Ellis Island, presidents
Cursive Writing
Math: Multiplication, word problems, fractions, add and subtract decimals
Language Arts: Antonyms, root words, question busters
Sign Language: Numbers 1-20

Printing Practice
Animal Book: Ocean animals
Sign Language
Following a pattern
Math: Recognizing numbers
Flash Card Work
Site Words
Reading: HOP Sam and the Mitt
Phonics: Beginning sounds


Kristy said...

We absolutely loved the two videos and especially the phonics one as David is learning that right now. So, thank you for posting those and sharing. I am ready for Spring too! I can't wait to plant veggies and flowers and fruit.

オテモヤン said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anne said...

I hate snow and we just got 10 inches today. My kids love the Animaniacs, I will have to share the presidents with them.

Melissa said...

It will be Spring soon, I hope. It is freezing here again, but no 10 inches of snow thank goodness.

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