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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zhu Zhu Pets Toy Of The Year!!!

OK, first I can not say how ridiculous I think that is, that these toy hamsters were voted toy of the year, for 2009. Anyone who has been following my blog since Christmas, knows how difficult it was to get one of these critters, for the 9 dollar asking price. People were buying, and selling them for four times that on Ebay, and Amazon. You could not even get them in Target, or Walmart, because they were never in stock. We did get two, both the last week before Christmas, and did not pay more than 10 dollars for them. I will tell you these toys are stupid. They eat batteries like no tomorrow. So if you paid the 9 dollar asking price, you are paying way more in batteries, to keep the thing running. It talks non stop, and makes annoying noises, that are cute for about five minutes, then it borders on making you psychotic. Now they have come up with mini ZhuZhu pets, and outfits, and other nonsense. Now if they made these so you could somehow plug them in to charge them up, I would consider them a half way decent toy. However, in the current condition, I find them to be a hunk of junk, and believe me when I say I will not be spending countless hours arguing with my local Walmart this year. If you got a Zhu Zhu pet, what is your evaluation of the toy? Please share your thoughts. I can not be the only parent, who felt they were a complete waste of time, and money. Now I am off to a Valentines Day Party with our playgroup, to stuff myself full of yummy cupcakes, and candy. Have a great day, everyone.


Kristy said...

I love your comment "hunk of junk"! LOL! That is funny! We did not purchase the Zhu Zhu pets this year but we did have a real hamster. He died after Christmas so maybe we should have gone with the Zhu Zhu pet instead.

Melissa said...

The eat up batteries every other day, so maybe not.

Kristy said...

Yes, maybe not, since batteries cost more than gold these days!

Ebie said...

I remember your quest last year for this pet! Willing to pay top dollars!

I would, if given a choice, use rechargeable batteries.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie, good point. Why didn't I think of it? I have used rechargeables in the past, and found them to be a nuisance. That was when they first appeared on the markets, so maybe technology has improved them.

Anne said...

My daughter keeps hers in her room so I really don't see him much. She says she plays with him but since we haven't needed to replace the batteries I don't think she plays with him that much. I was in a store yesterday and saw the clothes. I don't really understand how you dress one since he has no arms.

Melissa said...

Good question, they must just velcro on or something. You are lucky, because they make the most annoying noises.

Zhu Zhu Pets Fair said...

I love them, they are cute!

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